Shacharit: 9:30 am

Torah Service: 10:15am

Musaf: 11 am.

Od lo avdah tikvateinu…. We still have not given up hope…

Tikvah, hope— is perhaps the backbone of the Jewish people. Some might call it audacity, others chutzpah, nonetheless, it is the relentless, creative determination to actively bring about a different tomorrow that has carried our people through the generations. Sure, all people face moments of despair. And yet there remains that indelible message instilled into us since our people’s infancy — yesh tikvah, hold on to hope. 
This season of repentance calls for us to return. This year we ask, we are we returning to? For those who are not returning physically to Beth Tikvah, the house of hope, already understand that this question is indeed metaphorical. The Talmud understands from the prophet Ezekiel that every space has the potential to become holy, a miniature sanctuary.  Indeed, our own synagogues, study halls and now our homes are transformed into the places to encounter God. As such, even from the space of our individual homes, we return. We return to one another, we return to our families, we return to our inner children and invite God in. This year, we each step into the invitations of renewal, of creativity, of sanctity, of connection, the invitation to synergistically be partners in creating a better, brighter, healthier tomorrow. Some of us will do this from the sacred space of the sanctuary while others will connect through their homes or our neighbourhood parks. Wherever we join from, we join together.  I look forward to ringing in the new year with you!

May this New Year be filled with good health, happiness, fulfillment and sweet moments for you and your family. L’shanah Tovah!



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The Online Experience

All our High Holiday services can be accessed via Zoom

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The In-Person Experience

RTS and the Ritual Committee worked hard on planning outdoor services as well as bringing back in-person services.

We will be practising social distancing at these services and registering is both limited and required due to COVID.

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The Travelling Shofar

The only Mitzvah of Rosh Hashanah that cannot be fulfilled over zoom is hearing the Shofar Blasts. Join us on the locations…

Family Tashlich Service and Picnic

Family service, Shofar service, Tashlich Service followed by a picnic. To register

Taking Tashlich to the next level

Raise your spirits by casting away your sins. Geared toward adults. To register


Weather permitting, let’s join TOGETHER for the final shofar blasts and havdalah outside of Beth Tikvah (Front Parking Lot). To register


A Prayer in the Time of Plague
by Rabbi Martin S. Cohen

Avinu Malkeinu, Dear God in Heaven, protect our families, our friends, and our neighbours
as we negotiate these troubled seas in which we find ourselves afloat.

Ever mindful of the fact that we are all Your creatures, we turn to You for guidance and for strength as
we pray that the public officials charged with bringing us through this crisis be granted wisdom,
intelligence, and insight born of compassion and charity.

And we pray too that the physicians, nurses, and hospital employees who are on the front lines
be spared all distress and disease as they care for the stricken, for the elderly, and for the infirm.

Most of all, we pray that You look with kindness and generosity on us all, and particularly on those
already infected for whose recovery we this day ardently pray, as is written in Your holy Torah, “For I,
the Almighty, am the source of Your healing.” Amen, may such be Your will!

Coronavirus: A Prayer of Hope During this Pandemic
by Rabbi Naomi Levy

We are frightened, God,
Worried for our loved ones,
Worried for our world.
Helpless and confused,
We turn to You
Seeking comfort, faith and hope.

Teach us God, to turn our panic into patience,
And our fear into acts of kindness and support.
Our strong must watch out for our weak,
Our young must take care of our old.
Help each one of us to do our part to halt the spread of this virus

Send strength and courage to the doctors and nurses
In the frontlines of this battle,
Fortify them with the full force of their healing powers.
Send wisdom and insight to the scientists
Working day and night across the world to discover healing treatments.
Bless their efforts, God.
Fill our leaders with the wisdom and the courage
To choose wisely and act quickly.
Help us, God, to see that we are one world,
One people
Who will rise above this pandemic together.

Send us health God,
Watch over us,
Grace us with Your love,
Bless us with Your healing light.
Hear us God,
Heal us God,