The most celebrated of Jewish rituals around the world is that of the Passover seder– as we taste, re-enact, sing, and tell the story of our ancestors’ redemption from slavery in ancient Egypt. During the festive meal, we journey throughout history, bringing the eternal themes to consider our individual and communal roles in redemption today.  Additionally, we celebrate renewal as God’s creatures emerge from hibernation and constraints; this year, offers us a deeply moving moment to observe Passover in community. Together, we will march towards hope and freedom, see wonders, and give thanks for the abundant blessings in our lives. Dayenu.
Please join us as we celebrate the holiday of freedom together.

Festival Services

Festival Programming

Second Night Community Seder

Beth Tikvah Synagogue Invites You To Our Second Night Community Seder Led By Rabbi Susie Tendler! To see the menu and make…

A true zissen Pesach (sweet Passover)!

Grades K to 7 are invited to join Rabbi Tendler for a Chocolate Seder! Registration is required

Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide 5782

 This year’s Pesach guide is a brief outline of the policies and procedures relevant to the preparation of a kosher for Pesach home in accordance with the principles of Conservative Judaism and its understanding of Jewish Law.


Passover Customs

Sell Your Chametz

Please fill out the Sell Your Chametz form to authorize Rabbi Tendler to sell your chametz before Tuesday, April 12th at 2:00…

Burning Chametz with Rabbi Tendler and Family

Join Rabbi Tendler for a ceremonial/symbolic burning of chametz and get ready to see it all burn! Then roast some marshmallows over…

Other Seder Needs


It is the responsibility of the ENTIRE community to ensure that each of its members has the basic requirements for Seder. If you or someone you know does not have access this year for whatever reason (financial, lack of availability, etc), please don’t hesitate to call Rabbi Tender at (604) 271-6262 or e-mail her. Connect SO that we, as a community, can ensure that each of our members has access.


Siddurim (prayer books)?
Please call the synagogue to make arrangements (604) 271-6262.