The Kavod committee was formed in 2019 to find ways to make Beth Tikvah a more inclusive and diversity-aware community. We have chosen the word Kavod which means respect to represent our purpose, it includes:

Kindness, Acceptance, Engagement, Opportunity and Dignity – for all. 

Most importantly, by continually working to eliminate barriers our goal is to ensure that ANYONE who wants to be a part of Beth Tikvah’s community and participate in spiritual, educational, celebratory, and life event activities can regardless of personal physical, financial, or accessibility limitations.

We will pursue our mandate by:

1) Identifying and supporting inclusion needs in the community.

2) Educating leaders, staff, congregants, and the broader community

3) Facilitating changes at Beth Tikvah by working with internal stakeholders and the community at large.

Beth Tikvah’s Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity:

Beth Tivkah recognizes and value the importance of each individual and family within our space and welcomes diversity within our sacred community.

News and Updates

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