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What does it mean to be honoured?

The Kavod committee was formed in 2019 to find ways to make Beth Tikvah a more inclusive and diversity-aware community…

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What can the Canadian Jewish community do to work toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples…

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איזהו מכובדת המכבד את הבריות
Who is he that is honoured? He who honours all living creatures.
Pirkei Avot 4:1….

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What’s New?

How Jennifer Podemski blends Jewish and Indigenous generational trauma
in her new TV show ‘Little Bird’

Richmond elementary school teachers Alisa Magnan and Katherine Myers speak with host Gloria Macarenko about the updated report from the City of Richmond, detailing their efforts to establish a Truth and Reconciliation policy.

A word from Janet Halperin

Navigating Gender & Sexuality in the 21st century

Jews of Colour with Rivka Cambell

Black Jewish perspective

With the ongoing dialogue and challenges in the United States with respect to colour, race, and the tragic killing of George Floyd please click on the following link to learn more about the Black Jewish perspective on these critical issues – in their own words.