In adherence with our security protocol, all visitors should contact the office at 604-271-6262 or by email at to join us for weekday services or Shabbat. Guests will be required to bring photo ID. We look forward to welcoming you!

Shabbat Service

Join us in person or on Zoom


Meeting ID: 850 4816 8104
Password: 3K03Qc

A sit-down kiddish luncheon is available each week after services

(Note: this will vary slightly from week to week due to specific requirements for any given day)

*Registration is no longer required for Shabbat services. We kindly request individuals who do not possess key fobs for building access to please call or email in advance. This will enable us to make appropriate arrangements to ensure a smooth and secure greeting upon their arrival.

Tuesday Minyan

To join us on Zoom


Meeting ID: 833 2261 5441
Password: B1fZDB