Wow!  I can hear!

Reluctant to attend synagogue services or programs because you cannot hear as well as you would like to therefore cannot really enjoy the service or program?  Good news!!  Thanks to a federal government grant enabling access and a contribution from Beth Tikvah your hearing problems are solved.  When you come into the program simply access the new hearing assistance devices and enjoy and participate.

Hearing aid

Thanks goes to Marilyn Berger for accessing the grant and you liaising with the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to ensure the correct equipment was accessed.   Sharon Miller worked with Marilyn and came to Beth Tikvah to walk us through the usage process . A vote of thanks goes to Gary Zumar for assisting with the set up of the equipment.

The several people who have made use of these listening devices give them an A+.

This grant also includes the purchasing of several siddurs with larger print and installation of a permanent ramp to the bimah complete with a safety railing.  This will ensure full access to the bimah for congregants with mobility issues.