Parashat Hashavuha
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A strong source of Conservative Jewish life.
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Strong source for Conservative Jewish life
– Richmond, BC, Canada
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Torah Portion: Vayigash Book of Genesis Chaps. 44:18-47:27 January 6, 2017          Is there any time when evil can be excused for the sake of good? At the age of 17, Joseph’s jealous brothers toss him into a pit to die, only later to be sold to slave traders on their way to Egypt. Years…

Torah Portion: Miketz Book of Genesis Chaps. 41:1-44:17 December 30, 2017   During one of the many summers I worked on the staff of Camp Solomon Schechter in Tumwater, WA, I had a ten-year old camper from a small town in Montana introduce himself to me. He approached me with a gleam in his eye…

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